Helsing – The Tyranny of Blood

Genre: TV series

In Bram Stoker's 'Dracula', Van Helsing, the famous Dutch scientist and doctor, comes to London to visit Dracula. The only thing Van Helsing divulges about his past is: "Once I had a wife and a child..." Tyranny of Blood tells the story of what happened to his family, and how this famous atheist is turned into a believer, and becomes the church's most dedicated vampire hunter.

The Tyranny of Blood is a prequel to the Van Helsing episode of the Dracula story. It is also part I of our Van Helsing trilogy. 

The Henchman

Genre: Action comedy

Feeling the responsibility of putting his children through school, Henchman #1217 gave up his dream of becoming a super villain. He spends his days serving an evil genius as the loyal caretaker of the shark tank. When his boss achieves world domination, and has no more need of his employees, he fires all his henchmen. Now that his children have left the house time unemployed #1217 decides to revive his dream, vowing to become more loyal master to his henchman by creating the first Evil Democracy. #1217 triumphs over his old boss, only to find out that there is no room for democracy in an evil empire.


Genre: Drama /comedy

Strings is the story of four old friends who met at law school forty years ago: a judge, a district attorney, a top-flight defense lawyer and a professor. We meet them as a string quartet playing rather badly for a captive audience of obliged family, lovers, interns and junior partners… Their friendship and personal integrities are put to the test when they are pitched against each other professionally and their love lives suddenly cross.

Romeo Versus Juliet

Genre: High school comedy

Taking part in a theatre competition, two high schools decide to perform Rome and Juliet, creating a rivalry similar to the Capulets and Montagues. To take out the competition the Juliet of one production and the Romeo of the other start to sabotage each other’s undertakings, until love suddenly intervenes.

Wilde in Amsterdam

Genre: TV series

Frank Wilde - a pot smoking, alcoholic, brilliant, Ivy League criminology professor, hits a new low when he's busted for a DUI. Banished to a sister university in far away Amsterdam, he finds himself entangled in temptation, bicycles, and a grisly murder while he attempts to establish a relationship with his daughter, a young Dutch police detective whose career is going nowhere fast and who has no idea that Frank is her dad. Redemption is a long way off.
Created by Jasper Klimbie and Mischa Alexander